Ham Morse Release Notes

New Features in v1.492

  • Audio is no longer muted when the device is in Silent Mode. 🎉
  • Clear button is deactivated while the morse is playing, but it is now reactivated once the morse is finished to make it easier to reset the text and start a new practice session.
  • Fixed bug related to the News option where devices were crashing when News was selected.

New Features in v1.490

  • Bug fix to address crashes seen on certain iPhone models with specific screen dimensions.

New Features in v1.485

  • Added support for larger iPhone screen sizes, e.g. iPhone 13 Max
  • Updated RSS feeds to remove ones that were no longer working
  • Small changes to the UI for the iPad

New features in v1.450:

  • Added a number of common accented letters (å ä ch è é ö and ü) to better support our European morse enthusiasts
  • Modified the available audio tone to go down to 220Hz, research has show that using tones in the 250-300Hz range can improve the ability to copy morse code in noisy signal conditions. For more information see LA3ZA’s Studies on morse code recognition
  • Added the ability to vary the text block length when copying random blocks of characters (e.g. letters, numbers, etc). This varies the length of the blocks of characters in a more natural way so they are not always 5 characters long
  • iPhone 5 and Retina support to make use of the larger screen size in the iPhone5 and later models.