Welcome to the AA9PW amateur exam practice website. It is built and maintained by me, Simon Twigger, aka AA9PW. This site has been through a variety of incarnations since I first put it on line in 1996. I used it as a way to teach myself Perl programming and web development while I was doing a postdoc fellowship in Biochemistry. The site was originally hosted courtesy of the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Biochemistry department until I registered AA9PW.com around 1999.

The site hadn’t changed much since then until mid 2008 when I decided it really was high time it was somewhat updated and moved to a more modern look! Since then it’s gone through a few incarnations of the wordpress blogging platform to handle the static pages. In 2019 I moved the exam generation component over to a separate site so I could provide more functionality than was possible before. Following a few annoying hacks and other issues I moved away from WordPress to the static site generator Hugo for the main site in 2022. Hopefully it will be more hack-proof and require less admin to maintain…

If you have any questions or comments about the site, please feel free to drop me an email directly at simont at aa9pw.com, there is a Facebook page, and I’m also on Twitter at aa9pw

73’s de AA9PW