Amateur Radio Practice Site

Welcome to the amateur radio practice site! My goal is to help you pass your US amateur radio license exam and get on the air. This site has tools to help you practice for the FAA Amateur Radio License exams. You can also learn and practice Morse Code, both on this website, or via our Ham Morse iPhone app.


Welcome to the new site!

Its a brand new look for! After many years of WordPress combined with various hacks and other disruptions I figured it was time to change things up and move to something a bit more modern.…

New Technician Pool is available

I have added the latest Technician question pool to the newer version of the test prep site. This comes into effect for exams taken on or after July 1st, 2022. I will take down the old question pool…


Ham Radio Practice Tests

Track your results and create custom tests that focus on the topics you need to work on


Morse Code Practice Online

Learn and practice morse code online using our customizable morse code generator


Ham Morse iOS App

Learn and practice morse code on the go using the Ham Morse app on your iPhone!