Ham Morse Version 1.492 now available

Published on: September 28, 2022 in morse, news, ham-morse

Version 1.492 of the Ham Morse iOS application was released on the App Store a few days ago. This was mostly a maintenance release to address a few bugs and other issues that had cropped up. However, it also included a more significant change to the app configuration - the app audio now plays regardless of the device’s Silent Mode setting! This has been causing issues for ages where it looks the app is playing but there is no audio so I’m very hopefull this will fix those issues once and for all.

App Features

  • Audio is no longer muted when the device is in Silent Mode. 🎉
  • Clear button is deactivated while the morse is playing, but it is now reactivated once the morse is finished to make it easier to reset the text and start a new practice session.

Technical bugs

  • Fixed bug related to the News option where devices were crashing when News was selected.

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