Callsigns and Replay options added to Morse Generator

Published on: August 1, 2022 in morse, news

Replay option - You can now replay a passage of practice text in the Morse Code Generator. When the code for a particular passage of text has finished playing, the play button will change to a ‘Replay’ option that will allow you to listen to the same passage of text again. The Play button now has the following states:

  • Play - Initial setting, click to play the generated practice text.
  • Pause - Pause the morse audio
  • Continue - Unpause the morse audio
  • Replay - Replay morse for the current text from the start.

Callsigns - I have added back in the Callsign option so you can practice copying callsigns in the code generator. It will generate standard US callsigns like AA9PW as well as prefixes indicating an operator is outside of their normal region, AA9PW/0

There is still work to do here - the callsigns are still only from the US and are not always entirely accurate (e.g. you might find a 2x3 call like AA9ABC appearing whereas these A- calls should only be 2x2, more info from the FCC here) but it should still be pretty handy for callsign practice and I’ll be working on improving the callsign generation algorithm.

Many thanks!

Simon, AA9PW.

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