Morse Test #13459


  1. First play the morse code and copy as much of the code as you can.
  2. Once you have copied the code, look at the actual text and/or questions by clicking on the second link below.
  3. If you have selected a QSO with questions, the complete QSO text will be displayed once your answers have been graded.

Step 1: Review the audio using the embedded mp3 player

Click to play the morse code:

NB:All QSO files begin with 'vvv vvv vvv' to allow you to get accustomed to the code speed. The QSO itself begins straight after the last set of v's.

You can also view/download the audio in AU format or MP3 format

Step 2: or view the text on a separate page

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Please Note: All QSO's are randomly generated, any text within these QSO's is fictional and bears no relation to, and should not be attributed to, amateur operators who's callsigns may randomly appear.